Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wrist Watches - New Blog

I admit it. I like watches. A lot. But until recently I haven't really paid attention to the issues, so to speak, within the watch world.  Like anything else, there are various groups and schools of thought, etc. that make it interesting.  One is mechanical vs quartz. I have a preference but it depends on the situation. I will go more in to this later.  I picked "Mechanical Time" as the title because all the clever/cool names I wanted were already taken.

If you are starting to buy a first "real" watch or just collecting, go with what you like.  But do your research. I thought I knew what I wanted until I started reading watch blogs, magazines, and various watch websites.  It is an eye-opener.  There is a whole lot to choose from and in every price range you can find something great.

I hope to offer some useful advice, perhaps review some timepieces and offer opinions based on my experiences. Thanks for coming by.


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