Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Many Watches Do You Wear?

Have you ever seen pitctures of guys wearing a watch on each wrist, or more? I always thought it was an odd way of showing off your watches. Plus it looks goofy. But to each his own.

I was talking with a co-worker recently about watches and what might make a goo Father's Day gift. I recommended a few brands based on the father's likes, etc. and offered to bring a few into work so they could get a feel for what these brands were like.

I don;t like carrying watches in bags or anything for a perverse fear of them being destroyed - like in a magic trick gone horribly wrong. So I decided to wear one on each wrist and and made sure they were comfortably under my dress shirt sleeves to avoid being "seen". 

It was an odd feeling having one strapped to my right wrist. It was easy to tell the time but it would have been funny to see my try to wind it, much less change the time and date. As a transport method, this was probably the best way to move them and we were able to review the watches. But I would never do this with a short-sleeved shirt. Maybe.

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