Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Much Swissness is Swiss Made?

Apparently it is now 60%. That doesn't sound like much but previously it was 50%...The Swiss parliament passed a law that "...sets at 60% the minimum rate of Swiss value for industrial products."


This is how so many watches can claim to be Swiss Made but really aren't that Swiss. They are like swiss cheese but with only half the holes (well maybe not) but you get the point. This is how companies like Fossil can use Swiss movements and a few more parts, and call it a Swiss watch. It's the same with hundreds of other brands. They need the "Swiss" brand name to give their products some legitimacy. These are perfectly fine watches but then they would not be able to charge a premium (the Fossil Swiss line watches retail for upwards of $900)  if they used Chinese or Japanese movements (again these are not bad, they just don't have the "name").

That's why when you make an investment in a Swiss watch (or any watch for that matter), make sure you research it and find out where it's made and if it's actually a Swiss-based company. Good sources are the forums at Watchuseek and TimeZone. Just ask away. I got a lot of good help and advice on these sites.

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